3 Ways to Incorporate Personas Into Every Department at your Company

August, 26 2016 | Behavioral Personas, UX, Tips & Tricks

For User Experience (UX) professionals, and teams who incorporate UX insights into their operations, the benefits of developing behavioral personas are unquestionable. However, in many organizations the value of personas is often lost among teams who don’t regularly utilize this type of primary research. So, how can you help evangelize the value of persona development within your organization and get the buy-in you need from different departments?

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11 Tips to Develop Your User Empathy Journey Map

 Share Stories

“There are two ways to share knowledge: You can PUSH information out or you can PULL them in with a STORY.” While most of us are regularly faced with reading PowerPoint presentations to understand research results, we rarely get the pleasure of hearing a great story that rings our empathy bell. That’s usually what I yearn for when I go to conferences. The food and networking is great, but what I always remember and share with others are the presentations that told me a great story.

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What do You do After You've Built Behavioral Personas

January, 29 2016 | Strategy, Behavioral Personas, UX Maturity, UX

Nature vs. Nurture when creating Actionable Personas

The web is seemingly flooded with companies describing their secret sauce for creating behavioral personas and how they can build them better than others. But, honestly, building personas is not even the hardest part. After working on multiple international & domestic persona projects for Fortune 1000 clients, it’s evident that the real journey begins when our clients inevitably ask the question, “Ok, we’ve got these personas, now what?”

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Introverts vs. Extroverts

Where do your social preferences lie when you think of a typical Friday night? Do you envision dancing the night away with a group of friends at the hottest nightclub? Or opt for a more laid-back evening with the latest Stephen King novel and a glass of wine in front of the fire? By choosing a preference, you are also declaring the trait of an introvert or an extrovert. Mike Townson shared his insights to the topic of introverts and extroverts at the Big Design conference in Dallas last month. How does this concept impact your ability to screen the right participants for your study goals?

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"Personas" from Around the World | UX Fellows Style

To set the stage for a recent webinar on behavioral personas, Key Lime Interactive called upon our colleagues at UX Fellows to share some stereotypical “personas” for each of their respective nations. The results were pretty creative and quite humorous!
Here's what they had to say....

The UX Fellows is a global network for quality research. It is a circle of specialized user experience research agencies around the world that is dedicated to providing professional international user experience and usability testing.

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Behavioral Persona Development: A Crash Course

February, 02 2014 | Behavioral Personas, Tips & Tricks

As the New Year begins, Key Lime Interactive has been beginning the stages of performing regularly scheduled maintenance on the behavioral personas that have been developed for various clients. As tablet use increases across all industries, we’re finding that we’re expanding personas more and more to include on-the-go context. The goal: When our clients are around the figurative design table they can refer to “Sam the Skeptic” and all relevant parties from marketing to product development can understand the target and make decisions to meet that targets defined need.

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